Daily Batman: A naked leg being the invitation, or, “Who’s your Dada?”

Photographed by JonWilksBeyond on the d.a.

To impose one’s A.B.C. is only natural — and therefore regrettable. Everyone does it in the form of a crystalbluff-madonna, or a monetary system, or pharmaceutical preparations, a naked leg being the invitation to an ardent and sterile Spring.

Photographed by brutalb4rbie on the d.a.

The love of novelty is a pleasant sort of cross, it’s evidence of a naive don’t-give-a-damn attitude, a passing, positive, sign without rhyme or reason. But this need is out of date, too. By giving art the impetus of supreme simplicity — novelty — we are being human and true in relation to innocent pleasures; impulsive and vibrant in order to crucify boredom.

(Tzara, Tristan. “Second Dadaist Manifesto”. Cabaret Voltaire. Zurich, Switzerland. March 23, 1918. Speech.)

Is a drawing from a comic printed on underwear anti-art enough to be Dadaist? Oh, but how angry the capitalist product tie-ins might make them. Best not to ask.

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