Knock-knock: Who’s there? Still alive and quick explanation with bonus preview of coming attractions


Don’t tell anyone I did this but … unannounced hiatus has been due to Lent: wanted to see if I could give up something that was actually hard not to do this year. It is way tougher than diet coke or dessert, from which I’ve also been abstaining. But I didn’t give up smoking or bloody beer — I’m not completely crazy.

In the meantime, a preview of coming attractions:

La Maschera del Demonio/The Mask of Satan/Black Sunday/The Black Mask (Mario Bava, 1960).

  • Some actual in-depth Mario Bava Movie Moments. It’s a scandal that I only did, like, one. I’m such a hack. Super-sorry. Feel free to browse the complete Movie Moments or Movie Milliseconds category while I’m gone and take a stroll down memory lane.
  • Even more Men Aren’t Attracted to a Girl In Glasses, Sk8 or Die, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys, and Hot Men Bein’ Hot of the Day.

  • May Flowers — E’s favorite Miss Mays of yore. Pictured below is the lovely and talented Cindy Fuller, Miss May 1959. Other May Flowers will include Dolly Read and Anna Nicole Smith (posing as “Vickie”). Like, are you simply all kinds of psyched?

    In the meantime, remember that all the past spotlighted Playmates in the journal’s various projects have now been placed in their own Playboy category for your streamlined browsing pleasure, as well as to make it even more convenient for Hef to one day sue the everloving crap out of me.

  • Liberated Negative Space is a given.
  • Haven’t forgotten about the Bond Girls project. Name will be “Naughty Girls Need Love, Too,” because the best Bond Girls are the bad ones. Ow! (Please do not talk to me about Miss Moneypenny. I will clap my hands over my ears and sing the Goldfinger song, and you don’t want to hear that, believe me.)


  • Milton May: a month of quotes and insights on the antiheroic nature of Satan from that uniquely dogmatic, blind, old-timey charmer, John Milton (Paradise Lost).
  • And finally, in Teevee Time news, the Simpsons will get their own category, along with screencapped scandalous moments from a mystery shuck-and-jive sitcom of days gone by at which you will just have to guess.


    …. And at which you have now guessed, correctly, unless you did a lot of tranqs in the last fifteen to twenty years. Don’t do drugs, kids. Don’t be like Carol Brady. Not ever.

    All in all, I’ve been storming along, barbituate-free, like a Lent-observing bat outta hell and I got a lot of dogs in the fire — I’m looking forward to a strong return as soon as Easter has passed. As you can see, I will be back with a bang in a few weeks. This has just been a “can I even do it?” excercise to flex my muscles of restraint.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to see a man about a Giants’ game.


    Don’t you dare.

    Catch you all on the upcoming flip side!

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  • 8 Responses to “Knock-knock: Who’s there? Still alive and quick explanation with bonus preview of coming attractions”

    1. Gordon Fraser Says:

      you’re back….thank goodness….I was worried!

    2. Pryor Says:

      Going on hiatus: Lent.
      Not telling your loving loyal fans for nearly two months: lint.

      I’m glad you’re well.

    3. Hawkins Dale Says:

      Thanks, I can’t wait to see the new stuff.

      You were missed.

    4. Robert Morrow Says:

      Still here. Approach the Playboy thing as your Cultural Anthropology project and Hef will leave you alone. Go Giants.

    5. Kevin Says:

      I’m so confused. Not sure how I stumbled upon your site, but, from what I can glean, you’re a bright, literate woman with a wide-ranging, eclectic set of interests and a good sense of humor. But I can’t seem to swing a dead cat near this thing without whacking a naked woman. As a man, I have my gender’s seemingly limitless appetite for female nekkidness. But — if you are a woman, for real and for true — I’m just having difficulty reconciling the whole girly mag thing. Are you from the future?

      • E. Says:

        Ha, I am a for real and for true woman.

        I think the body is a great and beautiful thing; women’s bodies, aesthetically, so much the better. Nothing against men and swinging scrote in its time and place, but in repose I think the female nude is more arresting. In the case of the Playmates of yore, I also find their photo layouts and write-ups to be an interesting time capsule of sorts for the attitudes and trends of the time. Naked is fun. I think all women respond to photographs of beautiful models, but, for many, they turn their appreciation of the body they observe in to depreciation of their own figures and faces. I try to take the more evolved tack and see the beauty in humans in their most basic form.

        I wouldn’t mind being from the future, but, if I were, I’d like to think I’d be wealthier.

        I think the bigger question is … why are you swinging dead cats, Kevin? Merciless.

    6. Kevin Says:

      No, you’re right; men are gross: sebaceous, hirsute, lumpy in all the wrong places, at all the wrong times. The funny thing is not, however, that we don’t care, but rather that we seem to have rigged the game in such a way as to ensure an endless supply of beautiful women who are anxious to nude it up in front of a camera. Perhaps, though, women don’t so much compete for males, as they do against other females, as your comment suggests. Either way, it seems to have worked out well for my lumpy little self.

      (Science tells us that cats are uniquely front-loaded in such a way as to encourage a nearly-optimal centrifugal force).

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