March Madness: Fran Gerard, Miss March 1967

I was fortunate enough to stumble over the entire original layout and spread of the Playboy issue featuring the very lovely and very talented Ms. Fran Gerard, Miss March 1967.

Photographed by Mario Casilli and Gene Trindl. (Color work by Casilli, B&W shots by Trindl, according to the orig. spread’s credits)

We predict a sparkling future for our heavenly-bodied Miss March. Generously configured Fran Gerard is a girl for the stars. “We’re forever searching the cosmos for new meanings.” (“Stars In Her Eyes,” Playboy, March 1967.)

The specs-sporting young Ms. Gerard worked as an astrologer’s assistant (zodiac quackery rears its head AGAIN) in L.A. at the time of her appearance, so they made a big deal out of that.

But the main thing of her is that she is tied right up there with Janet Lupo, Cynthia Myers, etc, for the largest natural breasts ever to be featured in Playboy.

As it was quite sometime before Janet, Cyndi, Roberta Vasquez, Alana Soares, et al came along to potentially unseat Ms. Gerard as undisputed mammary queen (I am not bothering to list the silicone sweethearts whose plastic racks match the numbers in name only and never rate so high in the eyes of the lord), she has understandably enjoyed long-lasting and tremendous fame in the Playboy world.

A “little looker,” her Playmate data sheet reports she was just 5’2″ tall at the time of her appearance in the magazine at the alleged age of 19. Holy chumbuckets, I cannot even imagine the back trouble the girl had to have had by age 30. Sorry if that deglamourizes things, but dang. That’s some serious rackage to haul around for a chick that only weighed around 110.

More than just a pretty face hovering over likely-uncomfortably-giant knockers, Ms. Gerard was a genuinely swingin’ chick with a good head on her small shoulders. And great taste in music!

Our plenipotent Playmate is as versant with combos as with cosmos: “Charlie Parker’s ‘Ornithology’ was the greatest single ever made,” says Fran, “and I think E.S.P. by Miles Davis is the best LP.” Sinatra is her favorite singer, especially “Cottage for Sale.” (Ibid.)

She says, “[I] like artists Marc Chagall and Salvador Dali. They capture so much of the glory of the universe in their work, but I don’t think I’m being stuffy: I like ‘Batman,’ too!” (Ibid.)

“Batman”? Heyoooo! Actually, I have also always liked Chagall’s work, especially this one piece he did that told a Russian folk tale, if I’m remembering rightly… Maybe later this week I’ll throw up some stuff about him.

Fran credits another favorite, a book, with being the source of all this happiness and satisfaction. “It’s The Magic of Believing by C. M. Bristol. It helps you to think positively.” (Ibid.)

Fran’s favorite book is still in print. It is also available for purchase as an ebook. Here’s an excerpt from the first few paragraphs:

Is there some force, or factor, or power, or science—call it what you will—which a few people understand and use to overcome their difficulties and achieve outstanding success? I firmly believe that there is, and it is my purpose in this book to try to explain it so that you can use it if you desire.

Around 1933 the financial editor of a great Los Angeles newspaper attended lectures I gave to financial men in that city and read my brochure T.N.T.—It Rocks the Earth. Afterwards, he wrote, “You have caught from the ether something that has a mystical quality—a something that explains the magic of coincidence, the mystery of what makes men lucky.”

(source, and please do not consider the link an endorsement)

Wow, what is amazing about that is it could have been written, like, yesterday, except replace “1933” in the suspiciously specious and detail-lacking anecdote with “2003.” I did not think people were marketing murky bullshit that long ago, but I live to be surprised. I should’ve known, I suppose, given all the snake oil salesmen and shenaniganizers who’ve always walked this earth conning money out of suckers. Like the rightly revered Msr. Barnum observed, there is one born every minute.

I think I will try my hand at tossing off a few sentences.

A few years ago, I was addressing a colony of junebugs at an annual meeting. After the meeting, a junebug who had just been raised to upper hive-management approached me and invited me to have a drink. He told me that he had seen me speak at a junebug team-building conference near an abandoned swingset only six months earlier, and had returned to his nest eager to apply the Simple Principles that I teach. Within just a few months, he had already been promoted above his boss and was handling new junebug regions of management!

Like so many countless others that I have been happy to help, this junebug told me in that hotel bar that he would have never believed the success and accomplishments he would achieve in such a short time just by following these three simple steps to harnessing the power of YOUR potential to do Great Things!

(E., Right Here, Right Now.)

How did that sound? Would you buy my shit? No? I’m huge in junebug circles, picking up sales in bee hives, and keep it between us but I think I’m about to crack the highly elusive ladybug market. (What I am saying is that I think this is all fishsticks and curried potatoes, this malarkey. Positive thinking is very powerful, yes, and important to your overall well-being, but so is hustling your buns to earn a simple living and have rich relationships with loved ones rather than sucking down cultish nonsense like coca-cola and craving weird amounts of power through ESP. Mad love and respect to Ms. Gerard, but come on.)

I think this is the best shot of the lot.

The positively smashing Miss Gerard’s idea of a perfect man? Clark Gable. “Remember him as Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind? He was too much,” says Fran appreciatively. (“Stars In Her Eyes.”)

Yes, I particularly enjoyed the scene where he got ten kinds of drunk and told Scarlett he was going to crush her head like a walnut, slapped her around a little, and then took her upstairs for some rough sex. You’re probably thinking that is some feminist, critical statement mired in sarcasm: you are sadly wrong. I’m messed up I guess, but I think that saucy Scarlett needs slapped around pretty much every goddamned minute of the day and Rhett was born for the job. They are a nasty, scheming, firey-eyed match made in hell and I think it makes an excellent and exciting love story, in a very dark and ugly way for which it seldom gets credit. So, today I say to you, Margaret Mitchell: Well done, sir.

The man who did the b&w work for this spread, Gene Trindl, was best known as a photographer for TV Guide. He shot over 800 spreads for them, and 200 covers. Dang, right? He died of pancreatic cancer June 29, 2004, two years after my cousin Tom and thirty-seven years after Jayne Mansfield. RIP, Mr. Trendl.

TURN-ONS: High fashion, antiques.
TURNOFFS: Arrogance, people and their trivial problems.

(Playmate datasheet.)

Um … you hate arrogance, but you also hate people and their “trivial problems”? Okay. The kettle called … said something about how you are the black one? No need to call back.

DID YOU KNOW? I’m an assistant to astrologer Jack Gemini.
PEOPLE I ADMIRE: My parents, for the great job they did raising me.


I have googled the crap out of Jack Gemini, John Gemini, LA Astrologers in the 1960’s, and am coming up triple goose eggs. If you got a line on him, I’m interested.

So many thousands of thanks to my usual sources but in this case also special singling out for lovin’s to dear Fabrizio, an awesome and generous moderator over at the vintage erotica forums, from whom the majority of these great shots came!

Bello, sono incredibili, e grazie sempre per tutte immagini meravigliose. Molti baci, ♥ mua-mua! I owe you big-time, my good man, and I strongly encourage readers to swing over to the forums. They’re free, well-moderated, full of fun, and they won’t give your computer any wack infections or the hantavirus. Enjoy!

Here are the scans of the original b&w article accompanying the gatefold and color spread.

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43 Responses to “March Madness: Fran Gerard, Miss March 1967”

  1. peter Says:

    I remember seeing that fold-out of Miss Gerard when it came out in ’67!
    Yes, Gable as Butler was “too much.’
    Nobody has ever told Rhett Butler’s death till now.

  2. chainedandperfumed Says:

    Excellent observations on Rhett and Scarlett. My thoughts exactly only I would never be able to phrase it so well.

    • E. Says:

      Haha, thanks — they somehow have earned this reputation of being a classic romantic couple when they are really such wonderfully awful people that they just HAVE to be together. It’s great!

  3. Guto Says:


  4. Justin Says:

    This woman is so strikingly beautiful. I want to build a time machine so I can go back to 1967 and try to hook up with her.

  5. We’re Dreaming of a White Hot Piece of ChristmA$$ | Thighs Wide Shut Says:

    […] Fran Gerard, Miss March 1967 [NSFW] […]

  6. Says:

    I remember that issue well, Fran did “the trick” for me many many times.

  7. Mike Says:

    Sorry to inform you, but several websites has her DOD as May 30, 1985, age 37, cause unknown. I do not know why the cause would be unknown if they have the exact DOD. She was a very attractive young lady. Playboy went to all skinny women in the 1970’s. They probably would not have selected her then. Oh well, RIP Fran.

    • Jim Says:

      I found Fran’s date of death 3 years ago at, which does not list cause of death. As for Jack Gemini, “Astrologer to the Stars”, his real name was Jack L. Cavender. He was Fran’s first husband, she was 18 and he was double her age when they got married in May 1966. The marriage didn’t last long, in fact the divorce took place in January 1967, a full month ahead of the release of the Playboy issue that featured Fran. Cavender died long ago, too. I suspect that much of Fran’s Playboy “story” was an exercise in creative writing without much actual linkage to her real life and real interests. Apparently Fran attended Gardena High School for the first part of her schooling, but she actually graduated from Granada Hills High School in 1966.

  8. Mike Says:

    I looked at this site again. She was exceptionally good looking with very firm breasts. I was married in 1966, and my wife was a D cup. She sagged more than Fran, but that is fine with me. Fran was several sizes larger but still firmer. Oh, dear posterity, as you look at these pictures of Fran, please note that these pictures were taken before there was breast enlargement surgery. Those were her real breasts, no puffed up added. RIP Fran. You are now part of eternity.

  9. Jed Leyland Says:

    Why is it the early playmates are much more exciting ? Because they are more real ? Hef should return to “the girl next door formula”

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Is it just me, or do those glasses serve to enhance her natural beauty? True, the 60’s playmates were amoung the greatest and best remembered of all time, but there is something about Fran and her enormous black frames that always struck me as special.

  11. adso Says:

    Anyone see a facial resemblance with Julia Sawalha here? Just a coincidence? I guess so.

  12. sals40 Says:

    I went to High School with Fran (Gardena High) for a couple of years and she was as cute in person and a very sweet girl fun and funny, and she did ware glasses then. and it is all her!! (Rest in Peace).

  13. Anonymous Says:

    just WOW

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I was a senior in high school when Fran was the centerfold. I remember buying the magazine and going into the men’s room at a nearby gas station and jerking off all over those magnificent mams.

  15. Rob Says:

    Just heard about Cynthia Myers’ death. Had no idea Fran was dead too. Way too depressing.

  16. Hans>Rotterdam>Netherlands>Europe Says:

    Most beautyfull are indeed from the 60’s….. My Mom was, I was born in 66….. But annyway I am here with a question about another 60s beauty, late Sharon Tate. I was searching for a kinda preview done in the March 1967 Playboy of Sharon Tate. Been searching all over the World.Wicked.Web. and one of the URL brought me here. The others I found bringing me…..Nowhere. Can somebody maybe help me out here ??

    • E. Says:

      Hi, Hans. What a super challenge! Happy to help.

      The pictorial you’re looking for was done on set of The Fearless Vampire Killers, and it was shot by her husband (the director) as advance publicity for the movie. The spread was titled, “Tate Gallery.” Here are the images from that shoot. Click any thumbnail to go to the larger picture. I have also included rejected shots which did not appear in the Playboy article.

      You can find many more images of Sharon here, in this blog’s “Sharon Tate” category.

  17. Hans>Rotterdam>Netherlands>Europe Says:

    Wow ! ! I am surprised, and I am even more thankfull E. Thank You verry much. I honestly have to say that a few photos I allready have seen and are known ,like the one with the SnowDoll i.e. But also some I”ve never seen before, ….Thankz again. Cant wait to wade through the Blog too. Thank you E , you really made my friday-night !! Although sometimes going through Sharons articles,fotos,bloggs,w.w.w. makes me a little sad, because of what could have been,…the caring/loving mother she would have been… So Sad, On the other side, Her beauty and kindness always cheers me up, and gives me a wide smile on my face…..
    Thankz again

    • E. Says:

      It’s so sad because her life waas just beginning: she was just coming in to her own as a successful comedic actress, and about to have the baby she so much wanted. Truly a tragedy. But at least we have the beautiful photos of her. Glad to have been able to make your night!

      • R-K-A Says:

        I am leaving this comment here, because I can’t find any other way to contact you.
        I was very touched with your RIP Cynthia Meyers post. My compliments. And my compliments on your entire site. You have a wild sense of humor (I almost spit out my chocolate milk about Shannon Tweed and her level of post-consumer content!)
        I was looking for information on Playmate Angela Dorian who was sentenced in September 2011 to nine years in prison for the attempted murder of her husband. Specifically, I was looking for her booking photo or photos from her sentencing, yet I can find nothing anywhere on the web.
        And I was surprised as newsworthy as that was, that there was no mention of that here. It is as if Hef has exerted control over the entire interwebs to keep this story on the on the down low. Even The Smoking Gun didn’t have her recent photos. You seem to be able to unearth the most interesting stuff…anything on Angela??

  18. Hans>Rotterdam>Netherlands>Europe Says:

    Hello E , want to thank you for the Info you gave Me. I realy enjoyed reading the ,Sharon Tate Special, verry good insight of her life and not overshadowed by the CM/Family media-clowns. Realy good articel and verry nice, for me never seen Images. Thankz a Lot !!!

  19. Jim M. Says:

    She is my favorite of all time.

  20. Curvature Aficionado Says:

    To borrow a line from the late, great Seinfeld show: “They are real … and they are spectacular!”

    Luv the natural playmates from the 1960’s. Truly the best.

    Thanks for leaving your excellent blog up for the masses to enjoy. Sorry that you are no longer making new posts, but certainly understood.

  21. Dave Sherman Says:

    Those are the nuttiest, swingiest jugs of all time. Tit fuck those monsters and you’re in another dimension and I’ll bet she loved it.

  22. typhoon2000 Says:

    Ah, Fran Gerard.. I had the hots for her when me and a mate of mine were hungry for women at Uni, and in the early days of the worldwide web, what better way to relieve the tension than to download lots of ‘Miss X-month’ and post them on the cupboards of the kitchen for all to see and admire.

    Marilyn Monroe was my mate’s favourite but to me she was too clichéd. I saw the twinkle in Fran and always loved her from then on. Phenomenally gorgeous figure in that cute tiny frame. Recently I met with a recent friend’s sister and I almost melted when I saw her, being a spitting image of Fran (incidentally her name is Fran too!) – boobs are pretty big as well 🙂 )..

    No one can beat Miss Gerard though, so gorgeous and what about them delicious looking boobs.. perfect in every way in my books. A pity she died so young but that perhaps leaves a good looking legend.

    You were simply gorgeous Fran x

  23. jltronche Says:

    Love these photos. However, after reading this post I bought the issue and sadly only a few photos are actually in there. Where did the rest of these photos come from? Another issue?

  24. Panama Red Says:

    Fran Gerard was the first Playmate I ever saw. Unfortunately not in person but in the pages of PB. Unforgettable

  25. Shane Says:

    I was skimming nude model photos on eBay and Fran’s was the only one that caught my attention, then I ended up here. She is stunning. How did she die?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I first saw her centerfold when I was in second grade; a friend of mine had a couple of highly oversexed older brothers who had every issue of playboy ever published at that point, and they were only too happy to show them all to us. They all looked great to me, but fran has stayed in my memory all these years, not because of her stunning physical attributes but because of one picture no one ever shows of her in a football jersey smiling mischievously. I didn’t realize it then, but that picture inspired my first ever schoolboy crush. I’ve since heard a lot of rumors regarding her death. I don’t know if it’s even true that she is no longer with us, but i do know I would have liked very much to meet her.

  27. Retro Analysis Says:

    Fran Gerard: Playmate extraordinaire!

    Her lovely natural curves are absolutely gorgeous. RIP.

  28. Josh Says:

    Fran, oh Fran. I am of the younger generation (28) but something about her adorable face, lovely large breasts and areolas, the fashion of the 60′, and a gal wearing glasses (rare in erotic photography it seems) just has captivated more than any other model or woman I’ve ever seen. I could say she is my ideal woman, though I don’t base her on who I chose to be with as that would be awfully vain. It’s a shame she never had any other photoshoots. I think the only thing she could have done to top these though would have been some smoking shots since it would complete the whole 60’s secretary vibe she had going on ala Christina Hendricks. Plus it’s icing on the cake for someone like me who has an bigger attraction to a beautiful gal smoking elegantly…especially with a holder.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Gardena high girl, she was a cutie, we called her for Franny.

  30. March Madness: Fran Gerard, Miss March 1967 | The Thought … - Tommy Mac Says:

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  31. OBW Says:

    Fran Gerard died May 30, 1985 in Orange, California. Her name at the time was Frances A Rey. Her SSN was 565728781. I’m too cheap to order a copy of the Death Certificate, but if you want to, please post the results.

  32. Bodoo Says:

    i love her

  33. Bradley P O'Brien Says:

    Sad life to end so soon. One thinks too of Cathy Larmouth

  34. mario Says:

    Some people know where is located her grave ?

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Thats sad to know she died

  36. Lefty Says:

    Fran was beautiful and had one of the greatest racks ever absolutely fantastic to look at while jacking off!!

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