Refuse to be normal

I got tired of reposting this every few weeks, so now it’s a permanent page. Consider this my declaration of independence.

“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.” –Ellen Goodman

Yes, Ellen Goodman, that is just exactly what normal is. And I tried to be normal, and I tried to pretend like I liked trying, and I tried to pretend like I wanted to succeed, but in the end I couldn’t stomach it and I quit. I believe more often than not in some kind of a god, and when I do believe in a god, I do not believe this system can possibly be that god’s plan, that we do such stupid, repetitive, horribly mundane things which affect nothing and only prop up the necessity for their own repetition, my mind completely revolts against the possibility that this is what we are born for.

Honestly, how can such a thing as serving as a cog in the wheel in the blade of the sharpener for the grinder that is meant to squash you flat and dice you up even possibly, remotely, be the intent of any kind of creator, when all this potential crackles in your every joint and synapse with each breath you draw? No way. No way is this the plan. I refuse that reality. I refuse to be branded normal.

So I quit. I really do. It happens that way sometimes, I think, that the lunacy of this western world thunderstrikes you and you have to stop putting aside that instinct that you are paying in to an empty account, and accept that you know it is all simply funny money upon whose value we agree to agree because discord makes us all uneasy, and just say the hell with the bank of bullshit and walk away from the whole shebang.

It happens. Join me. Let’s figure out a different way: maybe we will come up with one so much better-suited to ourselves that everyone will agree it should definitely be the new Normal, and we can end this crushing misguided misery. I think that might be a lot closer to that possible god’s potential plan than the way we’ve been doing it. So let’s get on this, okay? Let’s make this be what happens.

50 Responses to “Refuse to be normal”

  1. Wrasseler Says:

    Still rolling in mirthment and admiring your writing. Choice of photos would be a complement too. Choose your homonym. Keep dancing to that drummer until you hear another. Nice dance. Great rhythm. Good to see you alive.

  2. plainpainkillerjane Says:

    Normal is the new plaid.

  3. beatificsmile Says:

    I may not be as brilliant as you my darling, but I have your back. Don’t forget to call me for the revolution.

  4. Colin Caret Says:

    You don’t me, E, but I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. This blog, this series of sometimes absurd, sometimes intimate, always poetic reflections on life is the kind of thing that makes me want to be a better person. Thank you! And keep up the great work!

  5. Matt Says:

    Just got a link to this from a friend. With an awesome post like this, I’ll spend a lot of time reading the rest as soon as I get home from vacation. Thanks for the fun.

  6. wayfaringthoughts Says:

    Awesome blog, I love it. =)

  7. wolfbitch Says:

    Your blog is tough. I love the women and the articles. Keep up the superb writing

  8. Michael Harvey Baum Says:

    We agree at least in essence about normal. I have a sign that hangs above me at my breakfast bar upon which I reflect regularly.

    “Pretending to be a normal person, day-after-day, is exhausting.”

    However, in keeping with my abnormal makeup, I must debate or at least suggest a variance with the view of God’s plan.

    The plan is actually one that furthers the idea of not being normal. Regardless of the historical accuracy, surely none of Noah’s neighbors could have thought him to be normal. Ditto Moses and most other biblical characters.

    Essentially I would argue that God’s plan is intended to allow all of us with our “free will” to make our own choices and not to do what everyone else wants us to do. I for one do completely believe that my desire to be different than the masses is what will earn me whatever there is after this life.

    I believe your blog continually captures that spirit of trying to discover that better life and world. Each of us must do our part. Change for the better does not really occur because of some collective effort. In other words, we can only do what is best for ourselves. To some that may seem quite egotistic. I would only say if you are not then you cannot make a better world for yourself and if you cannot do that how in the hell can you do anything to make it a better world for all.

    BTW. I stubmbled across your blog. It has been a gold mine as I continue to build my Playmate collection. My goal is to have at least 25 pics of every Playmate. Thanks to all of your wonderful ones, I am making great progress.

    P.S. I sure would love to engage in any continued discourse regarding our shared abnormality.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    one of the best sentences i´ve ever read…(Honestly,….).
    thank you, unknown, for that

  10. johnny fleischer Says:

    that was one of the best sentences i´ve ever read in my 33 years of living. (honestly, …).
    thank you, unknown, for that

  11. Asian Dyna Says:

    Wow! Awesome blogs. Keep it up!
    Dyna 🙂

  12. Nicastrese Says:

    Fantastic writing — always a treat! Keep it up!

  13. JC Rx Says:

    Arrived here looking for an classic pic of Yvette Vickers (r.i.p.)
    … and found Poetry! Rock on, E. Thanks for being! Peace! ~ jc
    ☯ ~ ℞

  14. I Says:

    I wish to reference the photograph of the young lady in the grass..”Refuse to be normal”………..nothing is free, even depravity has a price tag …I feel sorry for what has been done to you people, but there are no excuses for the continuation of behaviors….wrong is wrong is wrong….that is an immutable truth………….the word for the day? rationality

  15. I Says:

    “You are paying in to an empty account, and accept that you know it” …………has anyone every told you that the World is what YOU make of it?…..if one pays into an empty account?. they have no one to blame but themselves….people always look for excuses…and others to blame…and that is exactly, what you are doing when you made your statement about paying into an empty account…Yours and my accounts?,,,don’t have to be empty…Capitalism and Consumerism aren’t bad, they are just abused..much like the girl in your photograph..if your account is empty?..fill it up, but not with pain

  16. I Says:

    Honestly, how can such a thing as serving as a cog in the wheel in the blade of the sharpener for the grinder that is meant to squash you flat and dice you up even possibly, remotely, be the intent of any kind of creator,.. GOD never intended for for this to be all there is,Everyone forgets the story of Genesis …GOD’S purpose and creation was corrupted, he is a good GOD, he gave us free will..and we messed it up ,with very little prompting…one must do the mundane…it’s called being cursed! Genesis…GOD, now will judge us on how we conduct ourselves under a curse…complaining about the mundane? post a “picture” of a victim of abuse..and then call yourself a victim of the world and the mundane?….did you create the universe?…of course not…so what gives you the right to bitch?…GOD never made anybody go down the”Rabbit Hole”…keep that in mind

    • Mika Says:

      Maybe my phone isn’t showing the whole page but I see no “victim of abuse”. The only pic I see is a naked woman enjoying a smoke in the muddy grass. Perhaps you’re seeing things slightly skewed because of what you expect to see.

  17. I Says:

    GOD called “Him”, the “Father of lies”……was GOD really so far off the mark?…”down the rabbit hole.”……..another lie,by the father of lies

  18. I Says:

    My shit won’t be posted…it doesn’t matter… (I spoke my piece) …you offspring of ( for a lack of better terminology)…Illuminatist,…you complain, but you don’t do anything to stop it……… promote your programming…the word ‘losers” come to mind

  19. David Says:

    Normal = Insane

    “What if I told you ‘insane’ was working fifty hours a week in some office for fifty years at the end of which they tell you to piss off; ending up in some retirement village hoping to die before suffering the indignity of trying to make it to the toilet on time? Wouldn’t you consider that to be insane?”

    This is a quote I am reminded of from time-to-time on my way to work. However, thinking that you may actually be insane, they say, proves your sanity…. And then my brain explodes.

    Always up for a little bit of revolution, count me in.

  20. Jason Says:

    I tried normalcy and then my dreams gave me.

    What can never be misguided into normalcy is our own minds- I chose Edward De Bono. His thought methods, damned near brain hacking, alowed for new ideas new creativity constantly.

    Look him up.

    He is the Tyler Durden of philosophers.

    Nice post- glad I stumbled on it.

  21. Baron Says:

    Very addictive blog. I just discovered it and spent about three hours reading it. Bravo! And so great to find another person who had the hots for Yvonne Craig’s “Batgirl” and Julie McCullough. I’ll be back to read more later.

  22. Jonathan Manahan Says:

    Hey, i just wanted to send some praise your way for Thought Experiment. I’m interested on your thoughts on being involved on a film project? Contact me if you’re interested.

  23. Russ Says:

    Stumbled upon your blog – I’m truly impressed.

    I hate being a cog too, I have such a creative side and cog-dom is so taxing. Sadly though, we don’t live in Eden. I cope by trying not to squander my free time (this is definitely time squandered by the way).

    300 years ago, people that made it to 50 were pretty old and they spent most of their good days making sure they had a roof over their heads and food on the table; talk about cogs! Putting in 8 hours a day to keep the lights on is a small price to pay in comparison. I hate being a cog, but I’m grateful for how easy the machine turns.

    Take care

  24. Jack Says:

    Hello how are you,
    I , by accident found your blog last night, whilst I had been looking for interesting “pic’s” to put together a slide show, as a screen saver.
    e.g. Up came “One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest”… Which then lead me to leaving a reply……..!
    So after reading “Refuse to be Normal” … I know you, like one would know there best friend that they grew up with…. I can see your “Soul” My point you may ask..? What the fuck, I like you..
    Kind Regards, Jack.

  25. Jack Says:


  26. Jack Says:

    Hey I’m so sorry about that, was Ripping shit out of “GOD” up there…. Whats his name ..? Oh yes He’s obviously a secret agent of some religous fanatical Church or Sunday School of some kind that help themselve’s to the weak & everything they have….. Though I think this C*** may have some connection as I had painstakingly just about finished…. Then suddenly like a Lightning Strike from above, yeah right….. I had accidently leaned on a couple of keys at the same time & deleated a whole lot of Bull shit About cock heads like “I SAYS” Yeah well I’m not going to even think about it let alone try ,cause I Say Why Not ? Sign me up I’m in…. ha ha ha Jack.
    P.S. God is in our minds & so is the Devil & they both are good at the same thing …Or sould I say they both have the same Quality…. Straight up … Making Shit loads of Money…Oh not the one’s in our heads, there not called religion thats called our conscence..! The ones that are prayed to that conect to a faith, which inturn bleed dry all there followers (sheep) well I sorry if I offend any one, they dont exsit…. Its 2012 not the dark ages… So when are we going to get naked & lay on the grass having a smoke……. Please excuse any grammer or spelling mistakes as I only went to Year 9….. One is born with nothing & one dies with nothing !!! No God will make any difference!!! People make things happen, thats all folks……….

  27. Maressa Andrioli Says:

    hey, i’d like to add u on FB or sth like that, give me yr contact please!

    love this page!

  28. Lyndie Says:

    Nice one gorgeous girl. Fell into your blog hours ago whilst researching Goethe’s colour wheel …………..bugger Goethe.

    Smiles ..lyndie.
    ( over the Pond in Oz )

  29. Paul Says:

    brilliant. you have a very attractive mind, if i may be so bold to say so. still kinda mad you thought of thins name before i did but then got over it once I saw that you also quoted socrates… respect : )

  30. sfreehill Says:

    LOVE ❤ ❤ – made this tinyurl

  31. Jed Leyland Says:

    E. Please come back. We need fresh content. Whatever we did or said…forgive us !

  32. hrsjohnny Says:

    It’s ok Jed, E. is probably having a smoke in the grass! ha ha ha
    Or she might just be having a holiday?

  33. Dale Ealey Says:

    I noticed your page is devoid of any reference to my all-time favorite Playmate, Pmoy or just favorite women Kathy Ann Shower. Your thoughts? (and thank you)

  34. Marlen Says:

    Hi! I’m a straight woman and prefer naked men > boobies.

  35. Jeoph Says:

    Love this site! Can’t wait for some fresh content! I feel like when you discover a cool tv show in its fifth season, and it drives you nuts that you’ve been missing out! Guess I’ll check out the reruns for a while.

  36. Jed Leyland Says:

    Over 6 million views. Take a bow !

  37. Reuben Kast Says:

    I miss you!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I agree!!!

  39. Eric Says:

    Love your writing. Hope to read more from you some day.

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